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We outwitted Tsvangirai & Co again, Cdes

11 years ago | 21595 Views

Dear Cabinet and
Politburo members

COMRADES, those of you who have had time to go through the final draft constitution can tell that we managed to get almost everything that we wanted included in that document.

We should congratulate ourselves for outwitting Morgan, the dimwit, & Co. After making lots of noise for several months on end, they eventually gave in to our demands ... all we needed to do was change phraseology here and there and foolish as they are, thought we had capitulated to their foreign-sponsored demands.

On some of the things that they were passionate about, we "agreed", but convinced them that implementation would be deferred ... those things will never be implemented because with the overwhelming majority vote we are going to get in the coming elections, we will have unlimited powers to change the constitution as we please.

Your task now Cdes is to go out and mobilise the people to vote overwhelmingly YES for the draft constitution in the coming referendum.

With the constitution out of the way, we can speed up our harmonised elections and by mid-year, Morgan and his minions will be in the dustbins of history. We have had enough of them, we can- not stand them anymore.

Now that our elections are now as certain as sunrise, our detractors are at it again ... last week they started making a lot of noise about a chopper deal that we reached a long time ago with the new democratic government of South Africa. You really wonder what they are trying to achieve. They are just silly! Look at what they are doing in Mali...the very people who are at the forefront of preaching democracy are busy helping rebels who toppled a democratically elected government in Bamako to fight other rebels in that country. Talk of double-standards!

This is exactly the reason why I always warn you to be vigilant everytime.

Kindest Regards

Yours Sincerely

6 Mzwazwa
Tags: Cde,Morgan


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Anonymous user 11 years
we will meeet in the ballot box, ZANU yaora I want to tell you. Ma green bombers.
Anonymous user 11 years
Morgan is as good as gone. He has been foolish and myopic.
Anonymous user 11 years
It is David Hwangwa and his ilk who have been outsmarted. Look at how he rants against MLF! I wonder why the Shona continue to think that they can determine and control how the Ndebele feel? But then Hwangwa and company must be hiding something and very guilty. Tsvangirai in the meantime is an open book - directly under the control of Zanu PF and with no ideas to give to the political landscape. I feel a lot of pity for so many Ndebele who can not see outside the limited vision of Tsvangirai! Kazibuye emasisweni!
Anonymous user 11 years
Yes, Hwangwa's contribution on MLF on 15 Feb is a sign of how all Shona are panicking before the inevitable Ndebele storm under MLF. You aint seen nothing yet!
Anonymous user 11 years
thank God the savages will not worry anybody but themselves .ndebeles are just a piece of shit
Anonymous user 10 years
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