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My ex is an abusive womaniser!

11 years ago | 14111 Views
Hello everyone!

Well, for starters let me give you some background into my situation. My ex, whom I have my 15 month old with, and I were together for approximately 3 years total. He turned abusive and beat down my esteem so low that I stayed and thought it was what I deserved. When I became pregnant he wanted me to get an abortion, threw me on the bed and grabbed me so hard it left bruises on my arms.

The abuse got worse after we had the baby. He choked me twice in front of her, threw things at me, didn't help with her and numerous other things. I decided to leave when the things started in front of her and I seen her looking at what was going on around her.

He broke my car door in front of his mother, was throwing our things out of my car including the baby's car seat so I couldn't put her in. His mother did nothing about any of this. After I finally got out of there I got a pfa against him for 3 years. He denied the abuse happened but agreed to the 3 year pfa.

I still legally have to allow him to see her which I fought not to but I was told he didn't do anything to her. I should also mention while pregnant I found out he had more children I never KNEW about! I knew he had two whom I had met but apparently he has a total of 5 with my daughter! He sees 3 out of 5 if you count my daughter in the mix.

There are a total of 3 mothers including myself. He has started cancelling visits through his mom, being he can't contact me at all. The reasons were things like he couldn't walk? She was going to be gone so he couldn't get her for whatever reason. He has stopped paying support.

He quits jobs to avoid paying. What do I do? This guy is an egotistical maniac and he is, come to find out, an extreme womanizer. I just want to do the best for my daughter that I can. Please help....any advice would be appreciated.
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Anonymous user 11 years
well if you have a car it means you have a job it means you can afford to look after your child ! quit while you still ahead this guy . you might end p ruined for life
Anonymous user 11 years
you can not get an help in a public news like this but you yourself knows what is best than to broadcast this your useless and foolish man
Anonymous user 11 years
One sided story very dificult to judge let us hear the other side of the story maybe then
Anonymous user 10 years
It really pains, i am a lady in a similar situation. It's rather better to stay single.
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