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The best names start with a J, like Jehova

12 years ago | 15367 Views
Pastor preaching....

Never underestimate yourself.

The best names start with J, like Jehova.

When Jehova wanted to choose the father of His people He chose Jacob.

To bless Jacob's children He blessed Joseph.

To lead His people to the promised land He chose Joshua.

When He wanted to save Nineve He sent Jonah, and to save the world He sent John the baptist to fore-run for Jesus, the son of Joseph from the tribe of Judah, who lived in Jerusalem.

See what I mean??

And we have Jacob running the country now.

Who knows? Maybe Julius is next.............
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Anonymous user 11 years
iyi ndiyo yakapenga manje.........
Anonymous user 11 years
Tell me what u can see?pp
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