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Peter Ndlovu ruined my football career: English player

11 years ago | 55314 Views
A FORMER English Premier League star has told how Peter Ndlovu "ruined" his career after he "ripped him to shreds" during a league meeting between Blackburn Rovers and the former Zimbabwe captain’s Coventry City.

Andy Morrison had just broken into the first team squad which was chasing the championship in 1994 under manager Kenny Dalglish when he came across the former Highlanders winger, nicknamed ‘the Flying Elephant’ by the British press.

"I was at Blackburn, had broken into the first-team squad and was in the plans of the manager, Kenny Dalglish. But I got ripped to shreds by Peter Ndlovu of Coventry," Morrison told the Sunday Times.

In an interview to launch his new book, ‘The Good, the Mad and the Ugly’, Morrison was asked who was the best player he came up against.

"People come up with the biggest name they played against but I would rather talk about who gave me the hardest time," he said. "Blackburn still had a chance to win the title and were pushing for an equaliser. Time and again I was left one-on-one with Ndlovu and he tore me to pieces. He beat me on the inside and the outside until I was put out of my misery after 80 minutes.

"I came across him a few years later and told him that he had ruined my career. He, of course, had no idea what I was talking about."

That nightmarish encounter with Ndlovu would be one of just four games the centre-half played for Blackburn, who won the league title a year later. By then, Morrison had been shipped to Blackpool in the lower division. He later had stints with Huddersfield, Manchester City and Crystal Palace.
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Anonymous user 11 years
I know Peter Ndlovu was the best during taht time he used to dribble and beat any defender Peter was a hero i luv that guy we miss him so much....
Anonymous user 11 years
Hayi some of these the quest to lure readers have become sooo misleading!
Anonymous user 11 years
peter our hero
Anonymous user 10 years
Aaron Lennon is the making of Peter . The left a legacy in the p. l and kids emulate him still
Anonymous user 9 years
One legend in Zim only peter
Anonymous user 9 years
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Anonymous user 9 years
He was , stil z n shal remain 1 of da best footballerz(nsukuzonke)
Anonymous user 8 years
nuddy living legend
Anonymous user 8 years
Wat a sportsman... Never easy to find such honesty
Anonymous user 8 years
still a role model
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