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Don't spread this yet, But it's true

12 years ago | 12149 Views
-- most of them are married and hold high positions where they work, they have arrived and they are envied by Audi drivers, enjoying being at work than being at home, because she's tired of confronting the husband about his extra Marital Affair. They dread the day they got married, because the hubby is a cheater.

-- most of them are divorcees, they cant stand what the BMW drivers are standing for right now, they are single mothers, independent, and survivors. They always advice the BMW drivers to leave the Bustards
-- These types of women envy everything bout the BMW drivers, they pretend as if they have arrived, they spread rumours about other women especially BMW drivers, they would love to be married but can't get that men because they are control freaks. They go to weddings and funerals just to skinner.
Women driving (RAV4,JEEP,X3 and the likes)
-- these women are happily married, the husbands bought the cars for them, friendly to everyone. When BMW drivers got married, they thought their marriages will be like these women. These women are best friends to BMW Drivers, always telling them gore lenyalo la itshokwa.
Women driving (VW:Polo & Golf)
 Confused, their not sure what life has in store for them. They have baby on board stickers, cause they think they are pimping the car, very confused about the men they want. They can't be in relationships because of their confused state of mind. They claim that they are looking for true love but once they find one, they just chase it away & they end up dating men twice younger their age!
women driving(YARIS)
-- most of them are Learner drivers, they bought the licenses under tree, they don't know road signs. They think they have arrived, they think that they are independent, they think that they don't need a man, they think gore they are Black Diamonds, you find them at Newscafes,Capellos and the likes. They stay in rented flats, and every weekend they go home to eat decent food.

Women driving (Picanto,Punto,Jazz,hyndai,Palio)
-- these women, bought the car after being dumped by their baby Daddys during pregnancy, 9 in 10 cars have baby on board stickers on them, they were hurt by their long time boyfriends, think that all men are dogs.
Women who does'nt have cars
........most caring people you will ever meet, not fighters, very polite, have respect, know how to treat men, smart dressers, always in the salon's making that beautiful hairstyles, ba rata dikoloto - they make credits. most of them are having learners licences which are about to expire very soon, they can stay in an abusive relationship no matter what, come late at home, monie worrie nie just buy her streetwise two on your way back home, then she's ok !!!

Men driving (BMW)
-- These guys recently got married, they are in their early 30s, the wives are helping them to pay off the cars. The claim to be players, but are not, they definitely cheat on their wives but eventually get caught. If the wife leaves him he's going back to his back room, to stress his mother again.
Men driving (MERC)
-- Well this guys, are bit fat ke bo Mr Tender, for some reason they love the construction business, because of all the illegal tenders they get. They are insecure about their looks, so they use money to get woman.
Men driving (Corollas)
''''''''AS we all know this men are taking teaching as their career never minding the salary, he can wear brown trouser with black socks decorated with red dices, & purple shirt with red tie, & a leather jacket ------just imagine they always look poor, go to kfc on 22nd you will hate corolla so much.. they have lot of kids never mind the policies the are having

Men driving(AUDI)
-- This are the reserved kinda of guys, very settled, family men. They buy wives cars. Hold senior positions at work, enjoy their sport.
Men driving (VW: GOLF 4-5)
-- Ba tjatjarag....Ba rata dilo, they love attention, you always find them at Car washes, bragging about what they have. How many women they have slept, in actual fact they only sleeping with one girl The talk about how they would have bought the GTI, but one uncle of him advised him not to because of warawara.
Men driving(VW: GOLF GTI)
-- These are the real players, they have rented town-houses to do their thing. Just about every guy envies them. Before the car they couldn't score any girls.
Men driving (VW: LIFE,CITI,VELOCITY, citi rox)
 Ba rata bo Sarafina, they are only in it for the girls(SARAFINAs).
 Just tell them gore di ntsha kae... loud music in their cars always!!!
Men driving (VW: POLO)
-- this guys ke bo naame ngiyasebenza(I'm also working), they have credit left right and centre, women tend to go for them because ke dibari. He dates two or three girls he thinks he's a player. They go to Newscafes and Capellos for two dumpies, then go back to Loxion to drink 750Mls,mankolokoloThey are pretenders like the YARIS drivers(women). Stay in flats they cant afford.
Johnie walker's ( men who doesn't drive)
......Eish.. mathata dithata feela, most of them are employed, don't know what they want in life actually, they like front seat even in the taxis, they don't cheat, but are liers, they never forget seshebo every day after work ba rata go tja - they enjoy eating ,they wear decent clothes with carvelas shoes eishhhh..... , go to taxi ranks you will find them as if they own one, always telling people how big their houses are, most of them are married, their cars is their wifes, they think their wifes are beautiful no matter what. their purses are always full of money, check that QUE at the ATM month end its them. check that QUE at SHOPRITE trolley full of groceries its them//// they like sex more than anything in this world.

Suck his d**#k til' your mouth runs dry still he won't buy the car.
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Anonymous user 5 years
lol i drive golf 7 GTI and this is true they sleep with 5 girls in a week real player vrrrrphaaa
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