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Dad caught bonking his daughter!

12 years ago | 11787 Views
The abuse started when the victim was about 12 and went on for 34 years - PLUS he fathered three sons by her

German prosecutors say they have charged a 69-year-old man with 497 counts of rape over allegations that he abused his daughter for 34 years and fathered three sons by her.

Prosecutor Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke said Tuesday the case came to light only recently when the 46-year-old victim was sentenced to probation for an unrelated crime and confided in her probation officer.

Two of the sons died in childhood.

The prosecutor says the abuse started when the victim was about 12 and the attacks took place primarily in the family home near Nuremberg or car. She declined to give more details or identify anyone involved, citing German privacy laws.

However, she says the man, in custody since March, admits having sex with his daughter but says it was 'consensual'.
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iNdabaNdaba 12 years
This world is full of sick people
Anonymous user 11 years
Lord have mercy, what is going on bantu...mxxxxh
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